Boxer Muhammad Ali was an American boxer and a good athlete.He was born on january 17,1942 Kentucky United States.He had one brother.Boxer Muhammad Ali,s nickname was“Greatest”. He was the first fighter,who won the first heavyweight championship on three different occasions.Ali was married four times.He was regarded as the most shining athlete of the 20th century And also regarded as the heavyweight champion of all the time.He started training as an amateur at the age of 12.He won his first award at the age of 18 and became professional.

Boxer Muhammad Ali

FAQs about Boxer Muhammad Ali


  • How many years did Ali fight?

His fighting career period was 21 years.

  • Who defeated Muhammad ali?

It happened in 1971 that Frazier beat him.

  • What was the religion of Muhammad Ali?

Muhammad Ali converted his religion to sunni islam, he also likes sufi tradition,the way to approach islam religion.

  • Why did Boxer Muhammad Ali change his name?

He considered his first name Cassius Clay as a slave name and after accepting islam he changed his name to Muhammad Ali.

  • How many children Muhammad Ali have?

He had Nine childrens,Asaad,Jamillah,Khalilah,Rasheeda,Lailah,Miya,Hana,Muhammad Ali Jr and Maryum.

  • Where was Muhammad Ali buried?

Cave Hill Cemetery hometown of Muhammad Ali Louisville.

  • Who teaches muhammad Ali?

Louisville police officer and boxing coach Joe E Martin.

  • How many matches  did Muhammad Ali fight?

Muhammad Ali fought 61 matches.

  • How many fights did he lose?

He has lost only 5 matches ever.

Boxer Muhammad Ali

Islam adopting reasons of Boxer Muhammad Ali 

He start thinking about Islam in the age of 16.Boxer Muhammad Ali was impressed by the islamic cartoons in the newspaper published by the “Nation of Islam” in the image a white overseer hitting his black muslim slave for his faith,the religious and political realm in the United States.Revelation on Muhammad[s.a.w]in mount Hira.Force him to thinking about islam.He thought that this new faith included aspects of christianity and judaism.

Boxer Muhammad Ali

Evasion incident of boxer muhammad Ali

On april 28,1967 Boxer Muhammad Ali was forced by the armed forces to refer for his religion, but he refused.In this case Muhammad Ali was prisoned for five years.New York Athletic Commission suspended his boxing license.He charged a 10,000 dollar fine.In 1970 New York States supreme court revealed his license.

Boxer Muhammad Ali

Boxer Muhammad Ali’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame:

As a great muslim Muhammad Ali don’t like to disrespect the name of our Holy Prophet[s.a.w] that’s why he rejected to place his name on the footpath on hollywood walk of fame because there comes Muhammad in his name,so he is the only one person  out of 2700 celebrities whose  star of name is not placed on the floor rather hanging over the wall.No doubt he was legend. 

Boxer Muhammad Ali

Net Worth of Boxer Muhammad Ali

Boxer Muhammad Ali was a retired boxer and a great activis.He had a net worth of 50$ at the end of his age.


Boxer Muhammad Ali‘s legacy as a boxer transcends mere athletic prowess, extending into realms of social activism, cultural influence, and human resilience. His unyielding spirit inside and outside the ring, coupled with his unwavering commitment to his beliefs, made him an icon of courage, determination, and empowerment. Ali’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of sport and the enduring impact one individual can have on the world stage. As we reflect on his remarkable life, we are reminded not only of his unparalleled achievements in boxing but also of his enduring legacy as a beacon of hope, inspiration, and justice for generations to come.

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