Since her father’s inauguration as the 45th president of the United States, Ivanka Trump has been under public scrutiny as she takes on an increasingly significant role in government affairs. From her campaign promises to her business dealings, her actions have caught the attention of both supporters and opponents. In this blog post, we’ll look at Ivanka Trump’s latest news and what it means for her political career and business empire.

 Ivanka Trump Faces Criticism Over Her Father’s Immigration Policy

As the daughter and adviser of President Donald Trump, Ivanka has tried to balance her role in the administration and her efforts to promote women’s issues and entrepreneurship. However, the recent backlash against her father’s immigration policy has put her in a precarious position. Several companies, including major fashion retailers, have pulled out of her brand due to her affiliation with the Trump administration’s policies.

Many critics see Ivanka as hypocritical for promoting women’s rights while standing by her father’s actions that separate families and detain children. Some even called for a boycott of her brand. However, Ivanka has defended her role in the administration, stating that she can positively influence policy from inside the White House.

Ivanka’s Changing Role in Her Father’s Administration

Ivanka Trump served as an official White House adviser for the first two years of her father’s presidency, but her role has evolved. In 2019, she announced that she would leave the White House to focus on her family and business. However, she has continued to play a vital role in her father’s re-election campaign and has taken on various projects, including the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative.

In recent months, Ivanka has taken a more prominent role in her father’s coronavirus task force, representing the administration in interviews and press conferences. Some critics have argued that her involvement is purely for show. In contrast, others have praised her for using her platform to encourage Americans to follow safety measures and support small businesses during the pandemic.

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Ivanka’s Business Ventures

Before entering politics, Ivanka Trump was known for her successful fashion and lifestyle brand. However, her business ventures have come under scrutiny due to her role in the administration. Ivanka stepped down from her fashion brand in 2018, but controversies surrounding her business dealings continued.

In October 2020, it was reported that Ivanka Trump was deposed by the Washington D.C. attorney general’s office for allegedly misusing inaugural fund money. The investigation centers around whether the Trump Organization inflated prices for event spaces to pocket the surplus funds. While the investigation is ongoing, Ivanka has denied any wrongdoing.

Ivanka’s Political Ambitions

As the daughter of a former president and a prominent figure in the Republican Party, some speculate that Ivanka Trump may have her own political ambitions. While she has not announced any plans to run for office, she has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the Senate or even the presidency in the future.

Some see Ivanka’s political future as uncertain due to her father’s controversial legacy and the divided state of the Republican Party. However, others believe that her name recognition and business experience could make her a formidable candidate in the future.

Advantages of Having Ivanka Trump in Politics:

Female Representation: Ivanka Trump’s political presence brings much-needed female representation. Her experience in the business world and her background in finance and economics give her a unique perspective that can help shape policy decisions.

Career Track Record: Ivanka has had a successful career as a businesswoman and entrepreneur. She started her fashion line and has been involved in multiple business ventures. Her experience in the private sector can be a valuable asset in government, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to the table.

Diplomacy: Ivanka has served as a diplomatic representative for the United States numerous times. She has traveled abroad and met with world leaders, representing the country on women’s economic empowerment and workforce development.

Disadvantages of Having Ivanka Trump in Politics:

Nepotism: One of the biggest criticisms of Ivanka Trump’s political involvement is the perception of nepotism. Her appointment as an advisor to her father’s administration raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest and the mixing of personal relationships with government affairs.

Lack of Political Experience: While Ivanka has succeeded in the private sector, she had not gained prior political experience before her father’s presidency. Despite lacking the qualifications and expertise traditionally required for such a role, she was appointed an advisor.

Controversy: Ivanka’s involvement in the Trump administration has been controversial. Reports of conflicts of interest and ethics violations have dogged her throughout her time in Washington, DC. Critics argue that she has not done enough to distance herself from her father’s controversial policies and rhetoric.


Ivanka Trump’s involvement in politics has been a complex and controversial topic. While she brings a unique perspective, her lack of political experience and perceived conflicts of interest have raised questions about her role in government. Ultimately, whether she is viewed as an asset or a liability depends on individual viewpoints and political allegiances. In the end, only time will tell how her legacy in American politics will be remembered.


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