Spotify Web Player is a music player. Music is a way to heal, for some people, it is a passion while for others it acts as a remote to switch the mood. So its essence is always there whether you have to listen to a piece of sad music or an energetic one. As we are talking about music how can we forget about the biggest industry of music App “SPOTIFY”. Spotify is a music streaming App that provides users with approximately 82 million different songs and podcasts that a user can enjoy. Moreover, it has many versions to cater to the needs of music lovers like Spotify Web Player, Spotify TV, Spotify Car, Spotify Mac and window, Spotify Android and IOS, and many more it has a vast variety of versions that’s why this music streaming service is the most popular service over the world. In this article, we’ll talk about just one version of Spotify which is Spotify Web Player, let’s have a look into detail what Spotify Web Player is in actuality.

Spotify Web Player Easy to Access:

It’s the easiest approach for those music lovers who are tired of their gadget space and want a solution for that as they cannot download the app but want to listen to the music so for all that people Spotify has launched its web player. It’s a web player that needs a browser and you just have to make the account and here you go. The web player has provided the easiest way to listen the music without having the App here you don’t have to download the app and you can enjoy the music without downloading the app. This is the biggest feature of the web player, as its name also suggests that it’s a web-based player and just needs the active internet and a browser where we can listen to any genre of music. So it’s the easiest service not just for music lovers but also for people who listen to music sometimes.

Features that make the platform more popular:

Every music app has features that make them different from other platforms. Same as Spotify has a playlist that provides users with all the music they want to listen also there is a feature called mixes that is similar to a playlist. Other than this there is a library in which music lovers can make or create music dairies and can gather the songs they like, the new feature that grabs the attention of people towards Spotify and also it’s an innovation that works as a turning point for Spotify is the audiobooks option. It’s available in the paid version in which there are approximately 350k audiobooks that are available on Spotify and that makes an easy for users who like to read the book and their stories but cannot manage the time to read them so now they can listen to that audiobook in which the book is being narrated by someone in audio. This feature is available in the web player and this can help those people who are good listeners as they can enjoy listening to any audiobook while doing anything else they want.


Spotift web player


Free service or not?

While using a service the question that pops up in the mind of any individual would be whether the service is free or not. So the answer to this question is “Yes” but with some twist. They are providing the free version but also the paid version. The difference between them is the quality of sound is much improved in the paid version, there are no advisement ads in that version also in the paid version a music track can be skipped anytime but in the free version it’s stuck to six times only so here there are some pros and cons of both versions. Moreover, in the free version there is the option of downloading the podcast if you want also you can share it with your friends.

A place for podcast:

Spotify is not a simple music streaming service. They provide features that grab people’s attention. The podcast services are also provided in Spotify and also in the web player so here you can listen to any podcasts you want and can enjoy the podcast. A plus point is you can download and share the podcast with your friends.


In the world of innovation, Spotify web player has made its name by its advanced features and easy-to-use accessibility for people. The audiobook feature puts more spice to its innovation and acts as a user catcher. They are advancing their services day by day, it was a Swedish setup in 2006 that has emerged beautifully by providing users with a platform of music where they can enjoy and also listen to podcasts.



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